We’re the first and only tannery in Ecuador that has implemented a Wastewater Treatment Plant to clean all the water we use along our process before it flows back to its natural course.

Stage one:

100% of the sulfide is removed from the water used in the liming process. Once it is sulfide-free, we reuse it in the same process.

Stage two:

100% of the chromium is removed from the water used in the tanning process. This extracted chromium is then provided to ecuadorian artisans for the manufacture of leather gloves.

Stage three:

Most colorants, fats and retanning chemicals are removed from the water used in the retanning process.


Stage four:

The already treated waters in stages one, two and three are brought together for a final purification process, where the water is oxygenated before being poured back into the drain.



Our Wastewater Treatment Plant is one of the most important projects we have in our company. With this initiative, we reaffirm our genuine commitment to building a circular economy for our planet and the future of our families.